Saturday, October 21, 2006


How about this for some fun with photos? A very striking arangement that will stand out no matter what else you do with the page.

simple triple

when you don't have a lot of journaling, throw your photos down the center. If you've got a story to tell, shift them to one side and leave room for your journaling.

big impact + the details

four photos, with one large one and three small detail shots.

6x6 album, Disneyland

(yeah, I know about the misspelling. )

I had a friend request that I post my 6x6 sketches. when I do this size, it's souly for the purpose of a themed album. All the sketches are designed to work together. I used these five sketches to create our Disneyland album. our family got to spend one day at Disneyland last year. we didn't have a huge amount of photos, but enough for a small themed album. I had a great time doing this one and it only took a few hours to put together.

I have sketches for a second 6x6 album I'll post another time. After I've had time to scan the album, lol!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Big Title

another one with a big title. I'm fond of them I guess. My toddler got ahold of my sketchbook and colored on some pages, so I'm posting the clean PSE version of the sketch with pretty lines and nice writing.

simple square

This one takes under 10 minutes to put together.


this one is fun for when the story is more than the photo supporting it. You can do your photo in a fun retro (for scrapbooking ;) ) shape. I just used a circle because it fit my photo best.

Be You

a nice way to use up all that colored vellum that's been sitting around for five years. ;)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

7 is my lucky number

This takes good use of a craft knife and a steady hand.

Full Bleed Right

an 8.5x11 sketch that uses a full bleed photo on the right.

Six Panes

great for detail shots.

BLocked Out

keep the spaces clean with white or black paper.

Long Window

four small squares and some patterned paper.

Left and Right

Four photos, four corners. clean white space.

Chest of Drawers

simple for big impact on the photos. the small rectangles are labels for the photos, subtitles if you will.


I still haven't quite decided where to put the photos on this. It will depend on the photos, I'm sure.

Ribbon Fringe

line your three photos up in the center (great to used slightly cropped 4x6s) and add some fun ribbon fringe.
This was quick and simple.

Cicular Center

Keep it simple and fun. the circle in the middle can either be an accent or a photo. I sketched the big photos to be 6x6.

Diamond Pattern Photos

This one takes a bit of pre planning in a photo editting program. It's a lot of fun to put together though and a great way to use a lot of photos and still have lots of white space.

I used Polar Bear Press paper (Floral Cotton Ink) and Offray and May Arts Ribbons. The flower is just a simple silk from the floral department.

Splitting It Up

You could use this sketch for three photos, but it has the most impact as a single photo cut apart. be careful where you cut the photo that the important stuff doesn't lie on a cut line.

I thought this sketch worked best for a landscape photo. I kept the accents simple to not distract from the photo.

Tearing In

sometimes you just need to line three photos up together. This sketch is perfect for 4x6 photos. It's also easily made in 30 minutes or less.

This layout was done with Polar Bear Press papers and stickers from the Rustic Retreat collection (summer 2006) and the Hand Stamped Alphabet.

X Factor

an itricate sketch with lots of geometric impact. I created the pinwheels by cutting x's in the paper almost to the corners and folding the edges back. You can use other shapes and get a simmilar feel.

I used Polar Bear Press paper for this one. Double sided paper is a must if you are going to do the pinwheel shapes.